About Katerina

Bohle, K (37 of 53)

Katerina founded NetNigma in 2017 with the ambition to give leaders at all levels the tools to grow and establish a team-based culture. A culture in which collaboration runs smoothly and innovations are built on each other’s insights and wisdom. 

She is passionate for professional development and team processes through years of researching what makes individuals growth and team members interact smoothly with each other. Katerina earned her Ph.D. in workplace learning, applying advanced organizational network analysis to understand why team members share information with each other, and why collaboration ceases.

Katerina approaches all clients with a curiosity for their situation. She desires to understand their work and apply her analytical skills to make sense of the situation at hand. Data, quantitative and qualitative, is a crucial part in this sense-making. Her practice is underpinned by experience in young start-up and active participation in hackathons and informal communities of entrepreneurs.

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